We've been waiting a long time for Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter IV' to drop, but Weezy wants us to know that he's sorry. He'll deliver a 'Sorry 4 the Wait' mixtape this week, but we've got one track, 'Tunechi's Back,' for you right now!

This new song is packed full of dirty words and open threats -- classic Lil Wayne with a vengeance. "All eyes on me," he raps, marking his territory as he prepares to come back fully loaded. But when Weezy leads into one scary verse, directed at someone who obviously wronged him, we can't help but take him seriously.

"Out on bail, work on a scale / Put some change on your head / Boy, you on sale / Yeah I'll see you in hell / Pop-pop get well / Make breakfast 'cause I got you walking on egg shells," he taunts, almost with a laugh.

Towards the end, Wayne promises, "Swear to god I'd never shoot unless I'm shooting to kill," warning his enemy one last time that he's out to get him. He doesn't let well enough alone, chucking in at the end, "Instead of writing raps you should be writing your will."

Weezy's 'Sorry 4 the Wait' EP hits Wednesday, July 13 and includes this blood-stained song, 'Tunechi's Back'. Lil Wayne's full-length 'Tha Carter IV' album is expected to impact on August 29.

Listen to Lil Wayne, 'Tunechi's Back'