When Lil Wayne was spotted skateboarding while on his I Am Still Music tour this past summer, no one thought that he would take it so seriously. But now the 'She Will' rapper just posted a YouTube video showing just how serious he is about being a skateboarder.

In the clip, Wayne is meticulously riding back and forth on his skateboard on a half-pipe ramp on the roof of his Miami crib. While he doesn't pull any crazy tricks, it seems as if he's now getting his footing on the board. We don't think skateboarding king Tony Hawk has anything to worry about just yet.

Hopefully, Weezy doesn't crack his noggin' again like he did in St. Louis back in August. Also, from the sounds of the construction work going on in the background, it looks like he is going to be adding more skating ramps in the future.

While some people may scoff at the idea of a hardcore rapper skateboarding, we don't think it's such a bad thing. Anything to keep Lil Wayne busy in between hit albums is a good thing to us. So keep on skateboarding, Tunechi.

Watch Lil Wayne Skateboarding on His Roof