Is new motherhood agreeing with first-time mom Lily Allen, who gave birth to daughter Ethel in November after two prior miscarriages? Probably. The one thing that Allen's not enamored with is breastfeeding. The singer, known for speaking her mind, issued a pair of TMI tweets on the subject, as pointed out by our friends at GuySpeed.

Allen mishap started earlier this week, when she tweeted: "And I left the house without breast pads and started leaking all over myself at the #Wolsley .oh and I wiped out in the street earlier #glam." Sounds like it was a crappy day for Allen. Leaking and falling? That's no fun.

When some of her fans started to react about Allen's ranting about breastfeeding, she responded, chopping down the notion that a woman's breasts are not there to for men to gawk at. Allen posted: "@CharleyGardiner what do you mean it's BEAUTIFUL !!!!! Boobs are not just #sexyfunbags, they be feeding implements too."

Allen probably forgets all about the headaches of breasfeeding, pumps and pads once she gazes into little Ethel's eyes. Sexy funbags, be damned.