Lily Allen's biggest hit is 'Smile,' and the ever-stylish British singer flashes a simple, sexy smile on the cover of the September 2011 cover of Fashion magazine, which is published in Canada.

Allen's lips are painted with a faint pink hue and her mouth is closed as she flashes a slight grin for the media outlet's Trend issue. The Fashion cover follows Allen's recent ELLE UK cover, where she also wore a similar black and white blouse. Maybe Miss Allen is setting the trends for fall? September issues of women's mags are the most critical of the year, as they define fashion for the upcoming seasons -- Allen's unique style is certainly something that women want to copy.

Allen clasps her hands behind her head in the cover shot, which is more about her face (and her thick, inky eyeliner) than is about her ensemble. She looks very girl-next-door in this shot. She also has the unenviable task of following Lady Gaga's August 2011 cover, which of course featured the Mother Monster looking geometric and as envelope-pushing as ever. PopCrush digs how the magazine varies drastically from cover to cover, as Allen looks incredibly soft and approachable on the front of Fashion.

The expectant mother and newlywed is profiled in a mag feature titled 'Dressing Up,' which covers her fashion label, her new marriage and more things Lily Allen.

Watch the Lily Allen 'Smile' Video