Lily Allen recently sent out a tweet in response to Jessie J winning four Music of Black Origin (MOBO) awards on Wednesday night.

"Now, I love Jessie J as much as the next person, but how is her music 'of black origin' ?" Allen wrote. "Is it cause she says 'man dem' in her tune ?"

The MOBOs have recently received criticism for using white artists to promote the awards show. However, according to the Voice, MOBO founder Kanya King defends the event and origins of black music in current pop. In 2008, she told the paper that the MOBOs have been “inclusive” of all artists that make music of black origin, and “whether the artists are black or white is irrelevant.”

Jessie J won four MOBO awards this year, including Best Album for 'Who You Are,' Best Song for 'Do It Like a Dude,' Best Newcomer and Best UK Act. She was nominated in a fifth category, Best Video, but lost to Tinchy Stryder and Dappy's 'Spaceship.'

Allen hasn't released much music since her 2009 album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You,' and has never been nominated for a MOBO award. Her song, 'Who'd Have Known,' was recently sampled for T-Pain's latest tune, '5 O'Clock,' featuring Wiz Khalifa.