Pregnant British pop star Lily Allen has revealed that she, too, could have died an untimely death like her friend Amy Winehouse, who passed away unexpectedly at 27 on July 23.  Allen has stated that if she continued down the dark course she was on, she could have met a similar tragic fate.Allen, 25, revealed that she and Winehouse certainly partied hard together and that they went on a few benders together that could have gone down the wrong road and gotten ugly.

NME reports (via The Sun) that Allen said, "I've had nights out with Amy and know exactly what used to go on. It's so easy to get caught up in that madness … I've been strong enough to walk away." Even Allen's friends knew about her potentially wild ways, admitting that she actually received texts from friends when the news of Winehouse's death broke. Essentially, Allen's friends expressed happiness that she became more straight and narrow. Allen said, "They were really glad I was still here, that I hadn’t died too."

Winehouse's cause of death is still a matter of conjecture, since the initial reports founds no drugs in her system, with the exception of some alcohol. An inquest into the matter is forthcoming.