Lily Elise, the music major on Christina Aguilera's team, had the daunting task of delivering Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry' on the initial live episode of 'The Voice.'

The young singer, who stepped it up in her battle round performance against Cherie Oakley, was instructed to reveal a "softer side" by Aguilera during the rehearsals leading up to the live performance.

"I wanna make sure I see the sincerity in your eyes," said Aguilera. "And let your walls down, let your guards down."

"Whenever you have a wall it's because you're scared," explained Elise. "And you're scared of what people are gonna think about you. And going onstage is a very scary thing."

When it came time for the live performance, Elise worked the stage in a metal-studded black leather dress as she moved back and forth from restrained verses and a powerful chorus. She interacted with the backup dancers and reached out to the audience with her hands during the routine, looking somewhat like a pop star herself.

However, Adam Levine wasn't thrilled with the use of backup dancers, saying that Elise shined during the time she was onstage alone. Aguilera was pleased with the performance, saying, "You're the kind of singer that can hit so many notes … but you represented control and restraint tonight."

Watch Lily Elise Sing 'Big Girls Don't Cry' on 'The Voice'