In the movie Grandma, Lily Tomlin stars as Elle, a lesbian poet trying to mourn of the death of her longtime partner when her granddaughter, Sage (played by Julia Garner), drops by and asks her for the $600 dollars she needs to get an abortion.

Because Elle doesn't have the money to cover it, and because she cut all her credit cards up to make a wind chime, the two embark on a road trip to coax money out of some former friends. In the latest trailer for the film, Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox plays Deathy, a tattoo artist from Elle's past. Deathy offers her a tattoo instead of money, because everyone in this movie is broke.

Another familiar face (of which there are many) in the trailer is Nat Wolff, who plays Sage's sort-of-boyfriend. Elle and Sage visit him at home to get him to pay for his part of the abortion (it takes two to impregnate, after all), but he's clearly a loser who scoffs at the idea of taking accountability for anything. In a satisfying moment of retribution, Elle whacks him in the balls with his own hockey stick. The next scene cuts to Elle counting money when she turns to Sage and says, "You know, I liked your boyfriend. He’s special, really charismatic."

Grandma is set for a theatrical release on August 21. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer above.