Lindsay Lohan's guest spot on '2 Broke Girls' last night (April 14) found her playing Claire, an uncooperative bride. It felt like a case of art imitating Lohan's life in certain situations, with scenarios and some dialogue, so she was clearly being a good sport about her reputation and the public's perception of her.

Essentially, Claire hires Max and Caroline, aka the two broke girls, to bake a wedding cake for her.

The drama ensues from there, since the caveat is that the girls will only get paid if Claire actually takes that long waltz down the aisle to her groom. Therein lies the issue - Claire is a bit flaky and cannot be counted on to do what is expected of or promised by her.

Does that story sound familiar, even just a little bit?

Getting LiLo or Claire to do what you want ain't easy, and as Claire says during her moment of cold feet and second thoughts, "Marriage is stupid" and "It's not for me, like underwear." Zing! That was an endearing moment on La Lohan's part.

Lohan, with her majorly raspy smoker's voice, was pretty much easy to like as a bratty bride who doesn't care how her actions affect others.

Other fun deets? Claire owned a dress shop called 'Get the Frock Out,' but circumstances forced her out.

You will giggle when you watch these scenes, so go ahead!

Watch Lindsay Lohan Bail as a Bride on 'Two Broke Girls'

Watch Lindsay Lohan Return as a Bride on 'Two Broke Girls'