Maybe you spent the weekend getting tan on the docks, but Lindsay Lohan decided the beginning of summer was better spent walking across Hoth.

Lohan, whose recent Instagram-adventures haven't been entirely successful, posted a couple of redemptive photos to the social media site on Monday (June 15) that found her undergoing a session of cryotherapy. Huh? In short, the process puts your body into a deep-freeze to restore cells and release endorphin-waves, and by the looks of things, the mission was certainly accomplished.

"Crying laughing omg #virgin2cryotherapy" Lohan posted with the photo above, which finds her chuckling through the cold with stylist Brittany Byrd.

"CryoYourMind," she also wrote with the photo below, which finds her braving the artificial elements armed only with a bathing suit, face mask and protective gloves and headbands. If we didn't know any better, we'd say she was gearing up for battle in any Mortal Kombat tournament.

According to New York Magazine, cryotherapy typically involves entry into liquid nitrogen-cooled air that reduces temperatures to lower than -250 degrees Fahrenheit. The experience can potentially burn hundreds of calories, lead to improved sleep, smooth wrinkles and leave you with a high typically reserved for drug-benders. It was first developed in Japan in the 1970s for sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, but has expanded to become the preferred method of recovery for some athletes and adventurous health nuts.

Think LiLo's out of her mind for deliberately icing herself over? Tell us if you've undergone a cryotherapy session, yourself!

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