Upset about 'How I Met Your Mother' ending? Not as much as Lindsay Lohan and Billy Eichner!

Lohan and Eichner suited up, grabbed sledgehammers and took out their anger and frustration over the fact that 'How I Met Your Mother' is ending this season. The victim of their rage? A poor, unsuspecting car in downtown Manhattan.

The twosome proceeded to smash up this helpless station wagon, which was decorated with photos of the cast and with catch phrases from the series like "legen-dary."


Sure, we're all bummed that the show is signing off for good this coming Monday, March 31 in its ninth season. We don't know how we'll fill our Mondays without Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris, but we'll somehow manage to survive.

Li Lo, on the other hand, is devastated and had to let it out. Hopefully, she achieved some catharsis by demolishing the car.

They went nuts and smashed out the windows and hurled inside jokes that people who watch the show will totally get.

Lindsay with a weapon? Yeah, we are kind of scared, too.