In an attempt to be inspirational gone awry, Lindsay Lohan accidentally Instagrammed a photo intended to mean "You're beautiful" in Arabic — but it roughly translated to "You're a donkey." Whoops!

Though Lindsay has since deleted the photo, that hasn't stopped the internet from having a field day with the embarrassing gaffe. (Insert your choice of "ass" pun here.) And if you so wish, you can still see the original photo over on TMZ. Our opinion? A little mortifying, maybe, but hey, at least she didn't tattoo it on herself. And at least she was trying to be inspirational!

Unfortunately for Linds, however, this is not the first time that the actress made a much-discussed Insta flub. In fact, just last month, LL made headlines after she Instagrammed a poorly Photoshopped photo of herself — one that definitely made her butt look, um, different, as evidenced by the wavy lines on the wall behind her, uh, behind.

But you know what? If these are the only transgressions that Lindsay has made in the past few months, more power to her. Silly Instagram fails can easily be rectified, and they are a lot more harmless than some of the actress' past behavior and run-ins with the law. Plus, the girl was recently hospitalized for a rare virus, so if she wants to pass the time by Instagramming warped butt photos and flubbed donkey messages, YOU DO YOU, Lindsay. You do you.

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