Lindsay Lohan promoting car insurance?

TMZ has learned that Esurance has tapped the 'Mean Girls' star to appear in a commercial for the website that provides users information about how to save on insurance. The site is a subsidiary of Allstate.

The commercial will be shot in Long Beach, Calif. and the site is predicting the ad will air during the Super Bowl.

As pointed out by TMZ, Lohan has infamously been involved in a few high profile fender benders, including her 2007 DUI arrest when she drove her car on a median, and was also arrested again one year later for DUI in Southern California. In 2012, Lohan was accused of hitting a car outside a club and then later in the year, hitting a man in New York City.

So what does Esurance have planned for Lohan and the commercial? We can only guess that it will likely make light of Lohan and her driving difficulties, but we'll have to stay wait and see.

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