At first, rapper Pitbull was a gentlemen when Lindsay Lohan first brought a lawsuit against him over his summer of 2011 smash hit 'Give Me Everything,' where he references the starlet's much-publicized probation problems and jail stints in his lyrics, which is probably the most favorable press the troubled actress has received in years. Now, he's launched his own countersuit against Lohan. But the suit is fraught with problems, on both sides.

Pit's lawyer's have presented a notice of removal to upstream the case from county to federal court. There are issues with Lohan's residency, as she filed in New York and claimed residency in the state. But she obviously lives in Los Angeles, as the paparazzi has a wealth of photographic evidence to attest to that fact. However, one thing that's in Lohan's favor is that Pit's lawyers cited several public media sources as references in his filing, according to the Miami New Times.

Pit's legal team cite gossip site TMZ as a source proving that Lohan has a California driver's license, meaning she is not a New York resident – as we stated previously, she filed the suit in New York claiming New York residency. However, the suit's strongest arguments pertain to her continuing legal problems, which occur in California, with her community service being performed there. Wait, make that "supposed to be performed there," as Li Lo went back to jail for not fulfilling her probation requirements in relation to her community service! She was also sent to jail in California, which also proves her residency and is a stronger piece of evidence than, say, a gossip site.

Citing TMZ in a legal filing? Really? Pit might need a new legal team. The lawyers also cited Wikipedia in reference to Lohan.

This whole case is ridiculous. We can't believe a judge isn't laughing in Li Lo's face about her claims that Pitbull harmed her reputation by referencing her in lyrics. She is doing a fine job of flushing her public image and her personal life down the toilet all by herself!