Good news for Lindsay Lohan! According to Yahoo news, it looks like a judge finally ended her probation that came out of an earlier 2012 case in which she was accused of stealing a necklace. The judge said Thursday (Nov. 6) that she seems to be doing well overall and received generally good reports from those close to her -- including her counselor as well as the London agency where she fulfills her community service.

Out of the 240 hours of community service Lindsay is supposed to complete, she has served a total of 102 so far, and seems to be on track to complete the rest. Although Lindsay did not attend the hearing herself (it was held in Los Angeles while Lindsay is performing in the 'Speed-the-Plow' play in London), her lawyer, Shawn Holley, did say outside the courthouse: "The judge was pleased, the prosecutors were pleased and of course I'm pleased that Lindsay's doing well on probation, with her career, and generally with her life." (Quote via Yahoo!)

It certainly sounds like things are finally turning around for the 'Mean Girls' star. That's what we like to hear, Lindsay!

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