Lindsay Lohan is the biggest groupie for the Wanted, like, ever. The sometime actress and onetime nascent pop star in her own right is blowing off her court date, slated for tomorrow (Dec. 12) in Los Angeles, since she will be across the pond in the U.K., following the boy band around like a lost puppy.

Lohan is not required to attend the hearing, according to E!. Her lawyer will be representing her while she is out gallivanting and engaging in general acts of misbehavior while negatively influencing Max George and the boys. She has her priorities in line, that's for sure.

Lohan -- let's just admit her into the Band Aids, the fictional troupe of groupies from 'Almost Famous' -- will head to London and then Dubai with the Wanted.

She supposedly has the hots for George. She also has lots of outstanding bills, judging from all media reports about her finances. Maybe she's making some extra coin selling merch for the Wanted? Perhaps manager Scooter Braun put her on the payroll?

First Lady Gaga and now the Wanted. What in the world is the pop star obsession with Li to the Lo? We're wondering when the Wanted diehards will start lodging death threats against La Lohan, since that's what they do when they get jealous of famous ladies hanging out with the objects of their affection. Beliebers do it. Directioners do it. Wanted-ers will likely do it.

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