Lindsey Pavao had probably the most unique audition on 'The Voice' so far, which makes sense when you consider what her original aspirations were as a child. "When I was kid, I wanted to be an inventor," she told the crowd. Instead, Pavao reinvented Trey Songz's 'Say Aah.'Pavao's performance was teased in a promotional video for the series, which showed her being fought over by three judges thanks to her unusual approach to the track. Pavao showed her Radiohead, Nirvana and Incubus influences, but everyone agreed with judge Blake Shelton when he said she evoked Fiona Apple.

Christina Aguilera picked her first, smugly slapping down a heavily bejeweled hand. She was immediately followed by an equally enthusiastic Cee Lo Green, who exclaimed, "I like it!" Shelton was the last judge to choose Pavao, but not the least passionate.

"I love your voice, and your hair is bada--," Shelton gushed. She had the same hair as Xtina! Shelton then tried flattery (which is usually Cee Lo's forte), telling Pavao that she's beautiful.

Xtina is a fighter, though, and she wouldn't let Pavao out of her grip without a battle. "You have such a unique quality to your voice, and I don't want to touch that," Aguilera said, adding, "I just want to play with you." She backed into a wisecrack from Shelton, who smirked,"That's weird!"

"I would like to help nurture that," Cee Lo said of Pavao's talent, "and all jokes aside, I'm a really great coach."

Visibly humbled and in shock at the decision she had to make, Pavao thought it over for a bit before choosing ... Xtina!

Aguilera was absolutely thrilled. "You're awesome, you have a beautiful voice, a beautiful face -- you inspire me," Aguilera told her. "If you grab my attention just by being you, I'm not gonna mess with that."

Watch Lindsey Pavao Perform 'Say Aah' on 'The Voice'