Cher Lloyd serves up another heaping helping of sass with 'Oath,' featuring Becky G. The song did not appear on the official track listing shared by her PR rep for her forthcoming debut 'Sticks + Stones,' which drops on Oct. 2. But it's since popped up and is on the album's Wikipedia page, so ...

The song bottles up that signature bratty girl vibe that Lloyd happily puts forth. If the DNA of Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne and Kesha was harvested in a petri dish in a lab somewhere, and then mixed with Lloyd's, the result would be this song.

It features more of the rapping vocal style that Lloyd showed off as a contestant on the British edition of 'X Factor,' which, we might add (once again), she did not win. Neither did One Direction for that matter. We harp on that a lot, but it's worth remembering, since both Lloyd and 1D went on to be massive stars in the U.S. despite not nabbing the 'X' crown. Pft, voters! We kid, we kid.

The song is an ode to Lloyd's best friend 'til the end, remembering how they used to sneak out of the house and all of the trouble that they got into, like crashing dad's new car! Cutest lyric? "You are my tuxedo / And I'm your bowtie." Aw! Who hasn't had a BFF like that, who is the PB to your J?

It's a catchy ditty, not unlike her platinum smash 'Want U Back.' Lloyd's Brats will certainly flock to this song and sing it to and with their BFFs. Girl power, yo!

Every young girl had a best friend with whom she engaged in several rights of passage. This song is the soundtrack to such.

Listen to Cher Lloyd, 'Oath' Feat. Becky G