Kylie Minogue will drop her new album 'Kiss Me Once' on March 18. Ahead of the album's release -- we're just about a month out -- the global pop icon has shared a sampler, featuring almost minute-long snippets of the songs that populate the album, to be released by WBR.

Minogue is a Madonna-esque superstar, beloved all across Europe, and this album proves why she is a global pop diva.

Minogue still has "it" at 45, with "it" being a sharp ear for hits and a sultry, kitten-ish voice.

Judging from the sampler, 'Kiss Me Once' is a mix of electropop numbers, dance tracks, sexy romps – as evidenced by titles like 'Sexy Love,' 'Sexercise' and 'Les Sex,' the middle track of which sounds Britney-esque -- and gorgeous ballads.

Granted, we are gleaning this info from shortened samples, but they are pretty indicative of what to expect from Minogue, who signed with Roc Nation at this phase of her career.

Below is the track listing and the time stamp so you know what you are rocking out to. PopCrush's faves are the fresh 'I Was Gonna Cancel' and the slightly '70s, disco-light 'Sexy Love.'

Kylie Minogue 'Kiss Me Once' Album Sampler Track Listing

'Into the Blue' 00:00
'Million Miles' 00:50
'I Was Gonna Cancel' 01:45
'Sexy Love' 02:39
'Sexercise' 03:28
'Feels So Good' 04:16
'If Only' 05:05
'Les Sex' 05:55
'Kiss Me Once' 06:47
'Beautiful' 07:40
'Fine' 8:23