Here's the Beyonce/Beck mashup you never knew you needed.

As the two artists will undoubtedly be intrinsically linked till the end of our days -- thanks to a certain someone named Kanye West -- one genius SoundCloud user decided to cash in on the craze, creating an epic mashup of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and Beck's "Loser" that actually sounds totally awesome.

While the two tracks are arguably both artists' biggest hits, they are drastically different at their cores. "Single Ladies" is a crazy upbeat, pop-R&B anthem, while "Loser" is a little more dejected and decidedly more chill. So who knew that the addictive guitar chords and mid-tempo drum beat on "Loser" would pair so perfectly well with Beyonce singing about putting a ring on it?

Best of all, the lead vocals switch halfway through the track, so we can blast the chorus of Beck's "Loser" just as Beyonce starts singing the "oh, oh, oh"s in "Single Ladies." In fact, the two songs are so seamlessly intertwined that the mashup basically sounds like a folk track with a little hint of R&B thrown in for good measure. There's no doubt that the unique track is crazy unexpected, but it unexpectedly sounds totally kickass, too. Sometimes the best things in life are the things you never planned for -- or the things you never knew you needed. And obviously, this Beckyonce mashup is one of 'em.

Check out the magic of Beckyonce in the player above.

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