If we’re not going to get any new music from Little Mix right now (that sound you just heard was a collective sigh from Mixers everywhere), their recreation of Beyonce's music video for '7/11' will have to suffice.

Thankfully, the video is super cute, so we're not exactly mad about it. In case you haven't seen the original video (which, why haven't you?? You need to watch it immediately), it shows Beyonce, home-movie style, having an insane amount of fun with her friends -- who just so happen to be her ridiculously talented back-up dancers. The video is crazy adorable and does a great job at showing that Beyonce is just like us -- but with better hair and way more talent. Okay so, she's not just like us, but you get what we mean.

Jade and Leigh-Anne of Little Mix (Perrie and Jesy are, sadly, absent) decided to recreate the video with their own group of friends during what looks like a sleepover for Jade's birthday. The video shows the girls and guys having just as much fun as Beyonce had -- from dancing and twerking with slippers (trust us, you have to watch it) to similar Christmas decor, they went all out, even including a bathroom prep scene reminiscent of the original. We're obsessed.

Check out the video above to get in on the fun and let us know what your favorite part is!

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