It's songs like 'Boy' that make us think that Little Mix should be huge. Like maaaaaj! The British girl group will drop 'Salute' in February of next year -- in the U.S., at least, as it's out next week overseas -- but this new track 'Boy' has hit our ears ahead of the release and we are loving it.

So, yeah, it's freakin' awesome. Picture us saying that in the melody of Macklemore's 'Thrift Shop.'

The song opens a cappella and the girls do richer, crisper, more shimmery harmonies than the Spice Girls and their music has a more urban, rhythmic groove than, say, their fellow U.K.'ers in the Saturdays.

This song positions the Mixettes as a modern Motown girl group, albeit one that nods a bit to '90s female vocal ensembles, like En Vogue. You hear that? Come on, you know you do.

Lyrically, it's about kickin' a bad boy to the curb, since he's not a man.

We hope that once 'Salute' lands, these British 'X Factor' winners take over the world.

Plus, they are super stylish and super sweet, too!

Mark those calendars for Feb. 4, since that's when 'Salute' drops. Grab a red Sharpie and draw a heart around that date.