Little Mix are gearing up for the release of their fourth studio album Glory Days, set to drop on November 18. And while the group have been slowly unfurling new songs each week -- lead single "Shout Out to My Ex," followed by "You Gotta Not," "F.U." and, as of today (November 11) "Nothing Else Matter -- as part of their promo campaign, they finally posted a sampler of the entire collection via YouTube earlier this morning.

The video contains snippets from each track off the album's deluxe version, which includes 15 songs total and a DVD of the group's Get Weird concert. Check it out below:

"The Glory Days album literally just kind of fell into place. It was kind of like therapy for us, I think," member Perrie Edwards told PopCrush of the album-writing process. "We spoke about everything we’ve been through over the past year or even the past five years in our career. And it just felt like the easiest album to make."

She continued, noting the difference between Glory Days and Little Mix's past albums.

"The thing is with us is, we never want to be predictable," she said, "But at the same time we know what our fans love and we know what kind of sounds we want to get across to everyone. But this album is definitely more eclectic — it’s completely different to what we’ve done on our other albums. Take all the best things of our other albums and jam them into one. Our second single in particular that we love, it’s so cool — the sound production, the harmonies, the melodies — it’s very catchy tunes that people just want to listen to."

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