Little Mix mixed it up. By "mix it up," we mean concocting hair dye and changing their looks! The girls have all dyed their hair crazy, loud, awesome colors, sharing photos on their official Twitter feed. The verdict? They look beautiful with their dip dyed 'dos and shockingly bright strands.

Perrie Edwards, the lady love of One Direction's Zayn Malik, went the powder pink route, resulting in dip dyed ombre. She could form a side project with Pink, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, all charter members of the Pink Ladies club!

She tweeted: "Fancied a bit of a change... Nice Ultra brights, shocking pink dip dye! #candyflosshair Perrie <3." BTW, 'candyfloss' is cotton candy, and that's just what Perrie's hair resembles.


Jade, like her fellow Brit Cher Lloyd, painted her follicles an electric blue hue. It looks amazeballs on her, with those long layers, doesn’t it?

She posted: "Just dyed me hair 'electric blue' with Live Color XXL Ultra Brights and I absolutely LOOOVVVEEE it!!! :) Xxjadexx." We love it, too, Jade.


Jesy rocked a garnet shade, tweeting: "Just dip dyed my barnet with live color xxl red passion :D what we thinking mixers? Jesy xxx." It's totally burnished and we are thinking Jesy is red hot with that cascade o' waves.


Leigh-Anne went for a blue-black mix. It's not too drastic of a change, like her other Mixers did, but she remains a babe with her raven locks. They sleek texture is mega sexy.

"Lookie Mixers! My new Blue Black hair! I used XXL Color in Cosmic Blue! :) #LittleMixMixingItUp xx Leigh x," she wrote.


They also shared a group shot, posting: "Rocking our new live color xxl shades! #littlemixmixingitup!"

Also, notice that every member of Little Mix has saucer-sized eyes. They are like living anime dolls, with bright and beautiful hair colors not found in nature.

Clearly, winning 'X Factor' leads to all sorts of fun, free hair products for the girls, but they wear it oh so well. It's more fun than a Pepsi sponsorship, too!

Follow their official Twitter feed here.

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