Phenomena that can cause windstorms: quick shifts in barometric pressure, Little Mix concerts.

Since the four-piece girl group's genesis on X Factor in 2011, Perrie, Jesy, Leigh Anne and Jade have proven to be talented vocalists, Alvin Ailey-worthy dancers and the type of people you'd kill to invite to a sleepover. Oh, and they flip their hair a whole lot, too — more powerfully than Willow, more aggressively than Ariel and conceivably more diligently than Cameron Diaz in that Charlie's Angels scene upon Lucy Liu's insistence to "Flip your goddamn hair."

Across music videos, small concerts and massive tours, alike, Mixers have witnessed their favorite foursome test the limits of their upper-vertebrae and laugh in the face of potential isolated paralysis. Little Mix whip left. Little Mix whip right. Little Mix whip round and round as if trying to achieve liftoff, and where others might struggle to get their locks airborne, the girls have managed to keep their hair in near permanent-suspension.

Whether their manes are pin-straight, curled or ponytailed, and no matter the hue, Little Mix's members have proven to be a hair ad caught in perpetual motion (Where you at, Pantene?) Check out the group's most gale-generating hair flips above, and be sure to check out some highlights from the opening night of their new Get Weird Tour.

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