Girls rule! Here's another case where you can bow down, b----es! Little Mix, winners of the U.K. edition of 'X Factor,' have partnered up with long MIA rapper Missy Elliott for an unexpected duet. Elliott paired up with the girls for their new single 'How Ya Doin'?'

Is it just us or do you think of Joey Tribbiani from 'Friends' every time you see that song title, since that was the Matt LeBlanc character's signature phrase?

Mixer Jesy Nelson was bowled over that a rap diva of the highest order like Elliott would want to work with them.

"We honestly can’t believe Missy is on our song! She’s been one of our biggest idols forever – it’s incredible," she said. "As soon as we thought there might be a chance she’d appear on the track, we did literally everything we could to make sure it happened."

The single is due out on April 14 and could be the one that pushes the girls forward as they pursue global dominance. The appearance of an iconic American rapper might help give the girls a boost as they make a go of it in the U.S., like their brethren in the Saturdays!

Watch the Little Mix 'Wings' Video