Mixers, Little Mix just announced some amazing news in the way that only Little Mix can.

Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne revealed today (Jan. 29) that they are releasing their very own perfume -- and they did it in the most adorable way possible.

The video (which you can check out above), shows the LM ladies all gathered together with their arms around each other, rejoicing over their reunion and even going in for a super sweet group hug. Is it possible to love them anymore than we already do? Their friendship is GOALS.

While the girls made sure to keep fans updated about the album process -- "We're back in the studio, which has been SO much fun," Jesy revealed, "We're writing new music for you guys and it will be coming to you soon!" -- it was the perfume line that the girls really couldn't wait to discuss.

"We have some very, very exciting news to tell you now!" Perrie announced, cackling and reminding us very much of Winifred Sanderson from 'Hocus Pocus.' "What is it, Jade?"

"We will be releasing our very own, very first…" Jade trailed off, as the other girls chimed in:

"PERFUME!" the girls revealed in unison, throwing their arms up in excitement. Eek!

For the most part, fans are super psyched about the announcement, trending #LittleMixPerfume and tweeting such gems as the ones below.

However, others are miffed that the announcement wasn't about their upcoming album.

"So much for this being the third album's first single announcement…," one fan commented on YouTube. "A canceled US tour and 6 months of waiting, and all we get is a perfume announcement??? I think I speak for most Mixers when I say that we'd rather you work full-time on the album than work on your side projects like your cosmetics/perfume line." Another agreed: "What about getting an album out first?"

And then there are those who are just excited for EVERYTHING Little Mix are up to this year:

We can't wait, either!

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