Little Mix have released yet another full-length song for fans called "Touch," just days before their fourth studio album Glory Days is set to drop worldwide. And based on the eclectic nature of the songs (so far!), the group is making good on their promise to switch things up, sound-wise, with each successive album.

Little Mix kicked off this era with their ex-eviscerating lead single "Shout Out to My Ex," and followed that up with the Meghan Trainor-penned "You Gotta Not." The group released the mid-tempo  "F.U." shortly after, and then the particularly poppy "Nothing Else Matters."

It's been a whirlwind of themes and of sound -- a conscious decision on the group's part to keep things from getting too stale.

Member Perrie Edwards told PopCrush about Little Mix's desire to vary their sound without alienating listeners earlier this month.

"The thing is with us is, we never want to be predictable,” she said, “But at the same time we know what our fans love and we know what kind of sounds we want to get across to everyone. But this album is definitely more eclectic — it’s completely different to what we’ve done on our other albums. Take all the best things of our other albums and jam them into one. Our second single in particular that we love, it’s so cool — the sound production, the harmonies, the melodies — it’s very catchy tunes that people just want to listen to.”

Still, all these pre-releases beg the question -- which Glory Days track is the best, so far?

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