Little Mix are the winners of our latest Pop Clash poll, which means 'How Ya Doin'' will go on to face another competitor in our weekly song battle! Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Jade and Perrie were able to overtake the ladies of Fifth Harmony, who were in the running with 'Miss Movin' On,' with the Mixers delivering more than 60% of the overall votes. Way to go!

Now, for the next seven days, Little Mix will go head-to-head with 'Unbroken' hit maker Demi Lovato. Let's see if the Mixers can outdo the Lovatics, as 'How Ya Doin'' faces off with 'Made in the USA' in Pop Clash!

On 'How Ya Doin',' the gals of Little Mix implement funky, old-school soul samples to create a dance-y R&B jam that brings about nostalgia for the '90s. However, it's also perfect for their younger audience, as the quartet sing about a guy that was so 10 minutes ago: "You called, and I missed it / Never get back in, tired of listenin'." The sassy song also receives a dose of hip-hop, courtesy of Grammy-winning rap star Missy Elliott.

Conversely, Demi Lovato is singing about a young couple that is totally in love on her pop-rock track 'Made in the USA.' It's a sweet song that uses classic American imagery to convey those intense feelings that come with love, as Demi sings, "Our love runs deep like a Chevy / If you fall I'll fall with you baby / 'Cause that's the way we like to do it / That's the way we like." Her voice is once again the star of the song (as it should be), especially when she really belts it on the chorus of this patriotic love ditty.

So, which song do you like best? Vote for Little Mix's 'How Ya Doin'' or Demi Lovato's 'Made in the USA' below! You can vote once per hour until the poll closes at 3PM ET on July 29. Good luck!

Watch the Little Mix 'How Ya Doin'' Video Feat. Missy Elliott

Watch the Demi Lovato 'Made in the USA' Video

Rules of Pop Clash: The artist and song with the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face a different challenger the following week. If an artist wins four weeks in a row, they will be retired into the Pop Clash Hall of Fame in order to give others a chance to compete.

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