Be wary of Scrooge or Rudolph's Abominable Snow Monster this holiday season, sure; be warier of idle holiday chitchat with hectoring extended family members.

As Christmas and New Year's Eve approach, and small towns begin to repopulate with defectors, those who've stayed close to home will ready their welcome-home scripts and perfect their prodding so-good-to-see-you-again routines. Innocuous "Hey, how are yous?" as you cross through the threshold will slowly evolve into prodding interrogation about your chosen healthcare plan. Before you know it, you'll be locked into a cross-examination with your great uncle that's so pervasive, you'll need a rescue helicopter and a rooftop hatch to successfully escape.

Still, there's a solution to the needless headaches: Stop being so diplomatic! This December, it's time to let your true feelings about that second cousin's unsolicited advice shine right on through, and if you need a sight guide, look no further than Liz Lemon.

Toward the beginning of 30 Rock's seven seasons, Tina Fey's irritable, constantly undermined character tried her best to be professional. But when she realized that was an effort in absolute futility, she let go of conversational tact, chucked social finesse and let the eye-rolls rip, instead. She scoffed, sulked and sneered through formal dinners, business meetings with TGS investors and late-night writing sessions with her staff. No, she didn't earn invitations to Rainbow Room charity auction events in the process, but she successfully liberated herself from the chore of strained conversation, and if you follow suit — and perfect one of her many dismissive expressions — you might just survive until 2016.

Check out the gallery above for an LL-inspired guide to navigating this holiday season's most trite blather, and if any of her facial tics incite recoiling from loved ones, you're welcome.

See celebs step out with no makeup: