Hey Ladies! Lloyd is ready to be your man on his sinuous club jam 'Be the One,' which features fellow R&B loverboy Trey Songz and Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy.

On the Polow da Don-produced track, Lloyd, Songz and Jeezy are in full mack mode as they are ready to conquer the next dime they see on the block.

For Young Goldie, he's ready to mack right before breakfast. "Hello sunshine / Open my eyes / Wake up in the morning / She's on my mind / Get Fresh / Get dress / Yeah world, it's my time," he croons.

Meanwhile, Songz is on the playing field of love and is ready to tackle the hottest girl he can find. And guess what position she's playing? "If you throw it / Then I'm going to hit it / Guarantee I ain't gonna miss it / What now / Touchdown / Your body like a score / I'm gonna get it and do it like I never did it before." Goooaaal!

Finally, Jeezy doesn't seem to be interested in any of the lovey-dovey stuff. He's perturbed that his girlfriend keeps interrupting him while he's trying to floss. He raps, "I'm in the club with my ice out / She start blowin' up my iPhone / Like where ya at? / Where ya been? / What ya doing tonight, can you hit it again?"

Isn't he romantic?

Sarcasms aside, 'Be the One' is a slick come-hither ballad that you can find on Lloyd's latest album 'King of Hearts,' which is in stores now.

Listen to Lloyd, 'Be the One' Feat. Trey Songz and Young Jeezy