LMFAO pulled double duty during tonight's (June 17) 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards, which were held in Toronto, Canada and broadcast live. The fun-loving duo were not only tapped to host the event, they also opened the show with a shuffle-filled performance of their massive, summer 2011 anthem 'Party Rock Anthem.'

But wait! They didn't just perform that smash hit and do their signature shuffle dance -- the uncle/brother pair performed a medley of tunes. They were accompanied by break dancers who spun on their heads at dizzying speeds. They were also surrounded by falling confetti and a hot pink bear -- clad in animal print, of course -- on stage. It was like an acid trip come to life on the MMVA stage.

During the segue from 'Party Rock Anthem' to 'Champagne Showers,' LMFAO took the song very literally and their crew doused the crowd with a champagne shower, too. The audience (and camera gear) were wrapped in protective plastic covering or else there would have been lots of expensive damage and possibly drunk attendees!

After performing 'Sorry for Party Rocking,' LMFAO closed their medley set with 'Sexy and I Know It.' There were lots of inflatable zebras crowd surfing, with Redfoo dropping his pants to show off his speedo-covered junk. We can't even count how many times we've seen him in that teeny tiny banana hammock now!

The highlight of the set? When the shuffling zebra made his way to the stage. You can't mess with the zebra. Now that's how you kick off an awards show, people!

Watch LMFAO Perform at the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards