LMFAO aren't exactly known for their modesty. In a new interview with iheartradio, the bombastic pair talked getting sleazy with Kesha, penis sizes and even apologized for all of the 'Party Rockin'' they do. Sort of.

"We're apologizing for the party rock lifestyle," the bushy-haired LMFAO member, Redfoo, explains. "We're apologizing to the neighbors, to the hotel security. It's being polite is what it is. But we're not going to stop. Don't ask that." He likens, "It's kind of like standing in line at the post office, and you let one loose," making sure to use hand motions to let viewers at home know that he is actually sorry for passing gas in a crowd of people ... But won't ever stop doing it.

The out-there LMFAO duo won't wrap their tour with the notoriously glittery Kesha until Sept. 20, but have already experienced their wildest moment. The pair explain that the most party rockin' time was when they took the stage to perform 'Fight for Your Right to Party' with the 'Tik Tok' singer, where there was a pinata and just general mayhem. Redfoo explained, for visual purposes, that Kesha actually poked him in the boy parts mid-handstand and then made out with him. "It's easy to be sleazy in this environment," he says.

Though many people don't know it, the two are actually related -- Skyblu is Redfoo's nephew. When it comes to the size of the junk in their trunk, if you catch our drift, Sky says his man parts are more like a boom mic, whereas Red's got a little lavalier. Thankfully, they did not provide physical evidence.

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