Who wants to work with Lady Gaga? LMFAO and David Guetta, that's who!

MTV caught up with both of those chart-topping artists at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City over the weekend, where they performed on the same stage as the Mother Monster. MTV asked them who they want to collaborate with. Of course, Gaga topped their lists.

"Probably Gaga," LMFAO's RedFoo said of who he'd like to collab with. "Let's do some dancing, let's do some partying, see what we can do, you know? Some fashion, come out there -- it could be amazing." Dancing and fashion? Those are two of Gaga's specialties. She's sexy and she knows it, too. Maybe she could wiggle it in tight speedos with RedFoo and SkyBlu.

Guetta, who has worked with a host of vocalists like Usher, also said that Gaga is high on his wish list of possible partners. "Listen, I'm ready, you should ask her! That would be great, of course," the French DJ told MTV. "She's really a creative genius, and I told her the other day that I saw her last video and, again, amazing. I love creative people; it's what I live for. Obviously, she's really amazing."

Troy Carter, you listening? You manage Gaga's career and fellow A-list pop stars want to work with her. Make it happen!

Know what would really be awesome? LMFAO + Gaga + Guetta on one song. Could you even imagine? Her threesome-celebrating duet with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg on 'SNL' was genius.