LMFAO got into the Halloween spirit in a serious, serious way for their interview with AMP Radio. The electro pop duo dressed as ex-WWF wrestlers Hulk Hogan and the late Macho Man Randy Savage. LMFAO wiggled it in those skintight wrestling trunks! They are sexy, and we're pretty sure they know it.

We have to give LMFAO a hand. Aside from perfectly copying the Hulkster's handlebar mustache, they also have the Hulk's voice, moves and bulging eyes down to a science, while the Macho Man's voice is spot-on and aped to perfection. Something tells us the LMFAO boys were parked in front of their TV sets watching WWF matches (before it was the WWE) every single week in the late '80s. You don't do this great of an impression of the wrestling icons without having intimate, long-term knowledge of them.

The wrestlers actually took a moment from boasting, bragging and pounding their chests to answer a few questions from listeners, too! Wanna know what the LMFAO dudes look for in ladies? A nice, round, curvy patoot, the kind you can bounce a ping pong ball off of! They also love to get burritos in Hollywood.

This is easily one of the most entertaining video interviews we've seen in some time. We just wish Redfoo would've ripped his shirt to shreds, Hulk Hogan style!

Watch LMFAO AMP Radio Interview