It looks like LMFAO appeal to all ages. After a video of an adorable three-year-old dancing to 'Sexy and I Know It' surfaced this week, the Internet is abuzz with this clip of an adorable grandma shaking what her mama gave her to 'Party Rock Anthem.'

The video was uploaded by a gentleman named Adam and features his 90-year-old grandma. From the video description, his grandmother is legally blind due to severe macular degeneration, in addition to being hard of hearing. However, the woman knows a beat when she feels it. The uploader writes, "One of the few things that makes her happy is dancing!" So. Cute.

Grandma opens the clip with her preface: "I'm going to dance to 'Party Rock Anthem,'" she says. "Here we go!" Clad in a red velour track suit and matching lipstick, Adam's granny looks festive as she grooves to the track next to a Christmas tree. While her moves are impressive, they're doubly so because they're also improvised.

"She's never heard this song before and this was not practiced," the uploader wrote. We're inclined to believe him. Proof? When the song goes silent just before the first breakdown, Grandma seems to think the song was over until she hears the lyric, "Everyday I'm shufflin'" -- and she goes back to doing just that.

Watch Grandma Dance to LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem'