Party rock will be in the house at the 2012 MuchMusic Awards when LMFAO handle the hosting duties.

That's right, Redfoo and his buddy Sky Blu will be the show's co-hosts. The fun-o-meter for this event just shot through the roof with this news. Whenever LMFAO are involved, there's no shortage of good times, big smiles and hearty laughs. That and dancing! Lots of dancing.

And even more importantly -- what will they be wearing? It'll likely involve lots of leopard-print and will be skintight.

LMFAO will pull double duty at the Canadian awards, as they are also on the docket to perform. Hosting and performing? It's going to be an LMFAO-filled evening at the MMVAs. Get ready for plenty of shuffling and wiggling.

Katy Perry has also been confirmed as a performer for the awards, further upping the "must watch" factor for this show.

The 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards take place on Sunday, June 17. Be sure and tune in. Your friends at PopCrush will be doing the same.