After a lengthy lockout that cut into the NBA 2011-2012 season, pro basketball is back as of Christmas Day. LMFAO and Budweiser celebrated the return of the shortened season with a Christmas-themed commercial.

The clip counts down some key things that fans love about basketball while borrowing the melody from the famed '12 Days of Christmas' holiday carol. The two sexy singers made it a real party (rock) in the space of 30 snow-covered, scantily-clad seconds.

In the commercial, 12 packs are chilling, 11 dunkers are dunking, 10 guards are leaping, nine ladies are dancing, and they skip over numbers eight and seven to tell us that six packs are popping. Duh! It's a Bud commercial. Of course they are.

Decorated retired baller Steve Kerr of the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs flashes his blinding, five gold championship rings and then the virtues of four beers, three pointers and two sexy singers are also spotlighted. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and actor Luke Wilson also have cameos in this hot spot, as does 'Entourage' star Emmanuelle Chriqui, who looks a lot like Nina Dobrev. We can hardly tell 'em apart!

Basketball is back and we'd like to thank LMFAO and Budweiser beer for the reminder. Brews and balls means it's going to be a good winter.

Watch the LMFAO + Budweiser NBA Commercial