LMFAO have had one of the biggest songs of 2011 so far with 'Party Rock Anthem,' and although we're not sure how much the shufflin' tune has to do with Halloween, one family dedicated the entire facade of their home to the party rockers and their signature song.

In this video, fans of LMFAO can get into the Halloween spirit with this incredibly elaborate light show. Someone in this family has to be an electrician or something, because the entire length of 'Party Rock Anthem' has been synced up with a series of strobe lights and singing jack-o-lantern faces. While it isn't the spookiest Halloween spectacle, it's certainly entertaining to watch.

Even though we're sure this video-taped light show would have the guys from LMFAO shufflin' along, we would hate to reside near this house -- flashing lights and 'Party Rock Anthem' blasting at all hours isn't the most relaxing thing to see/hear after a long day of work. Despite this, we are still totally mesmerized by the light extravaganza -- not to mention that it is definitely a more inviting scene for trick-or-treaters to encounter instead of the creepy Halloween norms.

Watch the LMFAO 'Party Rock Anthem' Halloween Light Show