LMFAO brought both their trademark 'Party Rock' spirit as well as a brand new cropped haircut for Sky Blu to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards tonight (May 20). The younger half of the hip-pop duo looked straight up dapper with his cropped new 'do and sequined blazer, a stark contrast to his uncle Redfoo's signature fro and lack of a shirt under his zippered vest. Sky Blu's sexy -- and shorthaired -- and he knows it!The medley began with blue lights, smoke and 'Party Rock Anthem.' It was a typical LMFAO experience, chock full of choreography, neon colors and robots.

The duo then broke into 'Sorry for Party Rocking,' complete with a ... shuffling zebra. Yes, you read that correctly! They only performed the chorus before launching into -- what else? -- 'Sexy and I Know It.'

The performance was complete with a speedo-clad hot pink teddy bear. Towards the conclusion of the song, both Redfoo and Sky Blu ripped off their pants, showing off their skivvies. Sky Blu's boxers were red to match his pants, while Redfoo rocked blue boxer-briefs complete with a smiley face right on his junk. To culminate the full party rockin' experience? The zebra -- who we didn't realize was wearing, er, pants -- ripped his off as well, exposing sparkly blue briefs on its striped behind. This is confusing -- does that mean he was naked before?

In any case, there couldn't have been a better way to kick off a night of music, dancing and partying.