LMFAO had to table the final three dates of their current Cherrytree Pop Alternative Canadian Tour because lead singer Sky Blu has suffered a severe back injury. It's apparently serious enough to require the postponement of tour dates, despite the singer's best efforts.

Sky valiantly attempted to perform the remaining batch of shows from a mobility chair, so you can't assume he is wimping out. He performed one show in the chair before a doctor stepped in and declared that he was unfit to further perform due to the injury's severity. He has three herniated discs, so it's best not to push it and exacerbate the problem. His doctor has prescribed a full month of rehabilitation, which precludes travel and performing.

In a statement, Sky Blu said, "First off I would like to apologize to our fans. I am disappointed that I’m unable to come see everyone and perform. Unfortunately I need to take this time to get healthy and get my wiggle back."

Tonight's show in Calgary (Dec. 20), tomorrow's show in Edmonton (Dec. 21) and Thursday's show in Vancouver (Dec. 23) have been bumped to February of next year. Exact replacement dates have yet to be announced.