It may be spring but summer unofficially arrived on NBC's 'Fashion Star' on Tuesday night (March 27). This week's competition show theme was "Summer Trends" and who better to kicked off a hot show than LMFAO. The rap duo performed their ubiquitous hit 'Party Rock Anthem' amid a runway of gorgeous swimsuit models and the Quest Crew, a dance troupe.

LMFAO looked fashion fresh themselves onstage. The bespectacled RedFoo was shirtless wearing a zebra-printed vest, denim shorts, Vans slip-ons and some bling, while his partner-in-rhyme, SkyBlue, was dressed in white pants, a black henley shirt, a glittering vest and matching kicks.

Of course, LMFAO wouldn't be the party-rocking studs they claim to be if they didn't do their signature dance move ... and they did it. The duo shuffled their way down the runway as if they were grooving in a 'Soul Train' line. The dance crew Quest added more flair to the performance by doing some crazy gravity-defining flips and breakdancing moves with LMFAO.

All and all, everybody was shuffling and partying on 'Fashion Star.'

Watch LMFAO + Quest Crew Performing on 'Fashion Star'