There's something undeniably sweet about Lola Marsh, the Tel Aviv based indie-pop duo who create joyful noise. Sweet, not saccharine — there's nothing particularly sugary or cavity-causing about vocalist Yael Cohen and musician Gil Landau's tunes. Rather, their music sparkles with the kind of sunny, affecting charm you might encounter during a pleasant seaside stroll on the boardwalk.

Light, airy and nostalgic, songs like the effervescent "Wishing Girl" and the somewhat darker, dreamier "Morning Bells"—the band's earnest ode to the early days of their creative chemistry—create an effortlessly wistful mood. Don't be fooled by the breezy, feathery production though: Lola Marsh inject their endearing tunes with all kinds of emotion and feeling, whether it be heartache or anxiety.

In celebration of the duo's forthcoming debut album, we asked Lola Marsh to round up the songs that keep them feeling wistful, whimsical and wishful. Below, check out their favorite tunes, and be sure to subscribe on Apple Music!

Remember Roses is out June 9. Catch the pair on tour this month:

June 22 - New York NY - Mercury Lounge
June 24 - Washington DC - Songbyrd
June 26 - San Francisco CA - Rickshaw Stop
June 28 - Los Angeles CA - Bootleg Theater

"Should Have Known Better," Sufjan Stevens
"We both love Sufjan Stevens and his last album, Carry and Lowell, is a masterpiece. Luckily we saw his concert on one of our tours in Paris. We'll never forget that show."

"Towers," Bon Iver
"Everything about this song is perfect. We deeply feel that Justin Vernon is one of the most talented musicians."

"Watch Chimes," Ennio Morricone (Carillion's Theme Version 2)
"We admire old western movies! This beautiful theme is from a real important scene from the movie For a Few Dollars More."

"May I Have This Dance," Francis and the Lights Ft. Chance the Rapper
"Wow, this song! And the video clip has this really cool dance (Yaeli has been trying to learn this dance for the past week now, ha ha)."

"Elephant," Tame Impala
"An amazing song and band. We've seen their show many times and met them backstage at a festival in Slovakia! They were super nice and cool."

"No Woman," Whitney
"Great band! The singer has an incredible voice. Awesome production. The most dreamy guitar line."

"Wishing Girl," Lola Marsh
"This song was originally written for Gil's birthday as a birthday present, after a while we decided to make a real song out of it. If you haven't seen the video yet, watch it! It's directed by the lovely Gal Muggia."

"Baby of Mine," Dumbo
"The scene when Dumbo's mom is singing to him the most beautiful lullaby. Such a touching melody and song, from a favorite childhood movie."

"In Good Times," Lola Marsh
"This song was written in two hours. First we had the melody, then came the lyrics. We always ask the audience to sit while we play this song so we can have an intimate moment with them."

"Strange or Be Forgotten," Temples
"This has an amazing and uplifting chorus. We saw them live twice and it was so inspiring."

"Elle Etait Si Jolie," Alain Barriere
"A beautiful old French song that finished fifth place in the 1963 Eurovision Song Contest."

"Wishes," Beach House
"When you hear this song, you immediately have these nostalgic feelings, like you heard it somewhere before. Unique sound and lovely melody."

"Genghis Khan," Miike Snow
"This is Yaeli's cleaning room song!"

"Fare Thee Well," Oscar Isaac and Marcus Mumford
"Love this version for this powerful immortal song."

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