Oh, those The Lonely Island boys! Fusing comedy with pop music is their trademark, and they do it on record ('Turtleneck & Chain') and on TV ('SNL') and on awards shows (the Emmys!)

During this evening's Emmys ceremony, the trio performed live, wearing spiffy, white jacketed tuxes and kicking off their medley with 'Jack Sparrow.' It wouldn't have been complete without a Michael Bolton guest appearance as Capt'n Jack Sparrow, dressed in full pirate garb and surrounded by nautical, high seas props.

Actors John Stamos, Maya Rudolph and Ed Helms performed the Island's '3-Way (The Golden Rule),' which was featured on the season finale of 'SNL' and was initially performed by Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and 'SNL' star/Lonely Island leader Andy Samberg.

Just when you thought the performance couldn't get any more studded with star power, singer Akon showed up, singing Lonely Island's 'I Just Had Sex.' The Lonely Island boys also gyrated while hanging around actor William H. Macy.

While the Emmys are much more light-hearted and less self-congratulatory than, say, the Academy Awards, this performance was a welcome and appreciated shot in the arm for an already funny ceremony. The Emmys producers certainly know what they are doing.

Watch the Lonely Island Medley at the 2011 Emmy Awards