In her smash hit 'Royals,' Lorde sings about craving a buzz different than that which accompanies the luxury of items like Cristal, Maybachs and diamonds. She's not kidding. She has zero interest in that type of excess.

In her Billboard cover feature, where she looks positively royal with berry-stained lips, the singer, 16, reveals that she'd prefer to remain an enigma over doing interviews, sharing selfies, twerking, sticking out her tongue and more. She's the anti-Miley, that's for sure.

"In a perfect world, I would never do any interviews," she said. "And probably there would be one photo out there of me, and that would be it."

Here's what we learned about Lorde in her cover feature.

Her real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor. She wrote the lyrics to 'Royals' in 30 minutes.

She also prefers mystique. "I feel like mystery is more interesting," Lorde said.

That's true, in this day and age, when oversharing on Instagram is the norm and we all know what Miley's doing 24/7 because of her constantly updatedTwitter feed. "People respond to something that intrigues them instead of something that gives them all the information -- particularly in pop, which is like the genre for knowing way too much about everyone and everything," Lorde mused.

We know it, sista!

Other fun Lorde facts?

She has played about 10 shows so far and she lurves Nicki Minaj.

Her parents were not music fiends, which she is happy about. "The fact that my parents weren't really involved in music was kind of good, because it meant that I had something that was private and personal," she said.

Despite this Billboard cover, which made some interesting reveals, Lorde's mystique and level of intrigue remain in tact.