When an artist can cover two completely different tracks by two completely different artists, yet still make them equally as fantastic, you know you've got something special there. That's exactly what Lorde did with two recent covers that have been circulating the web. The first (posted above) can be found on 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part I' soundtrack, which Lorde curated. It's a cover of Bright Eyes' 'Ladder Song,' and while she certainly adds her own twist to the song it seems like a pretty natural fit for her, stylistically.

This second cover, is a bit of a departure from her alterna-pop genre. For BBC Radio's Live Lounge, Lorde chose to cover the R&B hit 'Don't Tell Em' by Jeremiah. Of the song Lorde says: "I have basically been a really big fan of this song since I first started hearing it around. I love the vocal melodies, they're really smart... It’s quite a saucy song... and I think it would be interesting to flip the dynamic and make that power mine."

The cover is really fantastic -- Lorde puts her own spin on it with her signature haunting vocals, really letting the fantastic beat shine through front and center. It's a soulful and sensual cover, and we love the fact that Lorde is totally eclectic in her taste of music.

Check out both covers above and let us know how you feel!

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