Lorde is just 16, but she is already taking the world by storm, with her Adele-like voice and seasoned vet attitude.

Note that she has been acting since she was 5, so she does have experience. In a recent interview, the smoky-voiced temptress revealed a love of rap music and dished on how America differs from her native New Zealand and much, more more.

Lorde, currently turning heads with her song 'Royals,' which was covered by Selena Gomez in concert recently, cops to being pigeon-toed, reserved and geeky when offstage. But once she steps onto the stage, she is poised and carries herself differently, with more grace. Her acting experience allows her to be able just slip into a role.

The singer reveals her love of rap music because it's so much fun. "You can step into Kanye's world and it's like you being there," she says, admitting that she wants to make a "sweet, really cool rap song" in the future, too.

The New Zealander also talks about how people are low-key and modest in her native country, and no one brags, since if you are arrogant, you are considered an a--hole. She likes the confidence of Americans, though.

It's a good thing she likes us, since we really crush on her... hardcore.