Lorde has a small part in her video for 'Team,' which was inspired by a dream she had. She's rocking cornrows and deep, purple-painted lips. The rest of the narrative follows a bunch of boys who run a working class town, making mischief with motorbikes and more.

We never get a good look at Lorde's face, which is how the teen singer likes it. She never quite comes into focus, further upping the mystique that inevitably surrounds her. (We can make out her flawlessly arched brows, though!)

Instead, she lets the boys be boys in the clip in similar fashion to her 'Royals' video. It's 'Lord of the Flies' meets 'Lost.' There's also a lot of water consumption and sharing... as well as perspiration. It's not all random though. Read what she says behind the inspiration:

When asked what she loved the most about the video, Lorde responded:

We lurve her shoutout!

Way to take one for the "team."