When Lorde first burst onto the music scene she was totally refreshing: a 16-year-old indie pop artist who had total creative control over her own image and her own music, and seemed to have no qualms about being labeled bizarre -- choosing to fully embrace the 'weird' label instead.

In her interview with the Telegraph, it looks like things haven't changed much -- other than the acquisition of new bestie Taylor Swift and a few Grammys, of course. Still, check out five things we learned about Lorde below!

1) She was the creative force behind her own Billboard magazine cover.

When told her Billboard magazine cover had gone the opposite way of most and was decidedly un-glamorous, Lorde responded: "Oh, thank you! I did all the creative. I thought it was very cool, very 1990s."

2) Jennifer Lawrence totally fangirled over her.

Lorde curated the soundtrack for the latest 'Hunger Games' film, and it looks like Jennifer Lawrence is (naturally) a huge fan. She mentioned their encounter on the red carpet: "I remember looking over at Jen and her doing one of those quick waves, then turning away and hiding [her face]. And I’m like, ‘Did she just do that to me? 'Cause I want to do that to her!’ That was pretty cool."

3) Lorde purposely chooses not to walk most red carpets.

In a crazy mature move, Lorde made the conscious decision to opt out of most red carpet appearances, citing her age and the natural insecurities that come along with it for her reasoning behind the decision: "I’d just turned 16, and people were wanting me to do red carpets and I was, like, ‘I’m still getting used to how I look and I’m still growing.’ And I don’t want to just feel sad because someone said, ‘Ooh, she’s on the worst-dressed list!’ So I thought, ‘I don’t have to do this if I don’t want to.’ And it’s been so amazing and so stress-free not doing it.”

4) She finds inspiration watching fellow teenagers interact with each other.

Lorde isn't much of a party animal herself, but she used to go to parties simply to observe the other kids: “I don’t think it’s discipline as much as just wanting not to miss anything. I would be 14 or 15 and completely sober out of choice at a party, just watching everything. Trying to make sense of every weird thing that happens at a party with 15-year-olds. I knew from really young that that was something I was interested in and that would come out in my art – how my peers are interacting. Because the way teenagers are and the way they live is really special and really different to any other stage in life.”

5) She's totally in control of her own image.

Lorde has never been one to shy away from the 'feminist' label, and is quick to point out the inconsistencies and double standards women are often held to in the music industry: "People find it difficult to watch women being assertive or dominant. I know I’ve encountered it over and over and over, people thinking I’m being difficult for demanding a high standard. You encounter it basically daily when you’re the boss, and you’re a girl."

But she's refused to let that stop her. Instead, she takes total control of her own image, saying: “It surprises me still that people are surprised that I want to sit at the lighting desk and do my own lighting design for my show. Why wouldn’t I want to do that? This is my show. I don’t know. It’s a strange thing. But I’m lucky enough that I work with a really great team, and I’ve managed to weed out the people who don’t want to be led by a 17- or 18-year-old girl. The people who work with me are happy to be working with me, and under me sometimes, which is a scary thing for a lot of adults.”

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