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Lorde's MAC Collaboration

To say I'm a fan of Lorde is an understatement. 'Pure Heroine' was hands-down my favorite album of 2013, but I'm also obsessed with the singer's fearless style. (See: Grammys outfit.) It goes without saying that I am hardcore crushing on her MAC collaboration -- not just because Lorde is lending her midas touch to the brand, but because it's totally a natural fit.

Justin Bieber Keeping It Real During His Deposition

I'll be honest. JB's jailbird antics aren't my favorite career milestone of his. Justin's deposition videos have been clocking a lot of viewers this week, and while I don't love his sassy 'tude, I respect the fact that he's, well, being himself.

There's a long-standing clash between the media's perception of the singer (cocky, disrespectful, bad influence) and his fans' perception of him (humble, generous, victimized). The deposition videos erase Justin's facade and show that when it comes to getting slapped on the wrist, his gut instinct is to wink.

Victoria Beckham Spices Up Twitter

When it comes to the Spice Girls, I definitely play favorites. Team #VB all the way! This week, Victoria only fueled my obsession by posting a Spice Girls-related pic. Yes, Spice pizza once existed and VB owned it. Even better, it was SIGNED and Victoria cooked it up.

To summarize: Victoria Becknam + '90s nostalgia + pizza = perfection.